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Originally Posted by Lawnworks
What the hell are you talking about a loss leader for? It sounds like it is a profitable account... not following any of you points.
If it's so profitable, there should be little to no anger concerning some supposed backhanded deal on an expected job. It happens to me too, they hire someone else to do something I had expected, but I have learned that so long I have been charging enough to do everything else, it bothers me a lot less. It still burns, don't get me wrong, but it's tolerable, the flames are much smaller and cooler.

It is when I have unwillingly (or stupidly lol) been giving discounted rates in expectation of getting the big job that the anger comes around, or also when I bend over backwards a little too much / too often... In a nutshell, when I'm throwing in freebies to get the biggie and then the biggie slips away, that's when I really feel it (usually).

That's all I meant by it, it doesn't define the account as a loss, but I believe the actions that led up to this particular event may very well have fallen under that.

I also think this thread could be a vital part of most anyone's focus, what has happened here is nothing new, I've experienced this pita more than once myself and sooner or later it will happen to most everybody, at least somewhere between the start of business and the time one realizes something has to change. Once this happened to me a few times, I realized I had to make a change or it would happen again, and again, and again... The first time or two I talked myself out of it, but after the third or fourth time this happened to me, it got to where I could not tolerate this anger thing anymore.... So, I started out by making sure I always charged enough in the first place, it is also the reason I don't like it when potential customers who called for an estimate on a smallish job are throwing around all these BIG future projects in my face, has something to do with flaunting the money but it also has to do with how they later almost always end up calling someone else for the big money job, especially if they got their way and we gave them a discount on the initial bid in hopes of getting the big one (and if discount isn't the word, think back, did we go out of our way, did we bend over backwards more than we usually do in expectation, and if so, there's the answer).
So, when we start throwing in free stuff (either by discounting or being a little too helpful) we will find ourselves in this situation where a big job is concerned, they will call someone else in the end and you will get very angry, and I find it important that we realize this will happen and that something within either ourselves or our own methods must change to prevent it, if not entirely, then at least somewhat.

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