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Originally Posted by FrankenScagMachines
went from a FS80 (had since 2002, loved every minute of it!) to a KM110R split shaft 4 mix this season. Weight is barely noticable, the power is awesome, I like to say it has the torque of a diesel with weight of a 2 cycle... because of the power in the lower RPM range, it runs cooler from less RPM's (less friction equals less heat) which means its more comfortable to use, you can reach under a bush one handed without burning your arm its actually almost cool to the touch, and due to lower RPM's it uses less fuel I think... I don't think its too bad compared to the FS80, I love this unit... awesome! pricey but worth it!!!

Oh and another awesome thing about this unit, it cold starts very first pull, and warm starts very first pull with no chokin or fiddling with it... very consistent... love the sound of it too it is a quieter tone...
I know what you mean when you say pricey. I paid $800 out the door on mine w/ three attachments.
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