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I know exactly what you're talking about.

I myself have learned a low profile is the only way to go, they WILL come after you, sooner or later some sob gets jealous or some comedian has to get funny on you... I don't get what draws them to us, but what I do know is most of them apparently can't stop themselves until you say "NO" to them real loud and clear (and you might have to say it 2-3 times to boot, they can be hard of hearing as well). Sometimes I can go for weeks and months without dealing with a one, then all of a sudden it's like they come popping out of the woods like an army of the walking dead, it's crazy.

I don't think so much that they'll outright try and steal something from you (thou I wouldn't put it past them), but most of them try their hardest to con you into some bum deal, I've experienced this over and over and your best bet is to avoid these folks completely.

As for the letters on the truck, I never did because years ago I had magnetic signs and all it did is draw those type of people to me, big waste of time.

Best I can recommend is keep a low profile and keep to yourself, sadly, it appears about 9 out of 10 people are like that, I only close 1 out of every 10 potentials, most of the time I find myself running: On that note, pure defense works way better than any offense, stay and get out of their way, see you later, bye, gotta go.

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