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In southern New Jersey most of us that are truly competent and have been in the business for 20-30+ years are finding it difficult to prosper. Every fool who thought there was money in irrigation cut his prices to get into the business over the last 15 years. Prices I got for work in 1988 get me laughed out the door today. We survive on primarily service work and are gleefully paid our asking price to do competent repairs and provide knowledgable information and prompt service. BUt it has taken us years to build clientel.

Consumers in the Philadelphia suburban market are brutally price driven and try to buy a sprinkler system like a car or computer rather than the engineered product it needs to be.

Make the the demand and opportunity you see in your area can support the prices you need to do well.

Many people are diversifying to survive and the pie is getting cut into very small pieces that are not really very satisfying any more.
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