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Honest to go CL is doing 125,000sf lawn for $50 per an app.

I didn't do the math , But I could tell they are not doing the whole prop.
yet the owner belives they are

I now the cost alone is at least $50 for that size

but I can tell CL is trying to get back in on most of my account and I will only loose the chepo's back to them till they get no resaults and I will get them back and charge more to get the lawn back into shape

and yes one of the ones I was doing never told me they had CL still doing the lawn and I went in there to spray for nutsage and creabgrass and she told me after I had finished she had CL and they where the a month ago to spray
a week later i have seen resaults

we will let CL (water lawn) ruin their own reputation

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