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LGF, I would have to say you are charging to little. Why market yourself against CL or any other spray only LCO? I don't yet, but will have no problem getting a full route at the prices I wan't. I refuse to be a price competitor. I use quality products and I take more time on lawns to be sure that my image doesn't suffer because I was in a hurry. I don't want anything to do with competing for price and will market myself that way. Value is relative to the level of service you get. Sure CL types may be cheaper, but after years of paying a cheap price and not being satisfied, most will pay whatever if they get the service they want. This is the service I provide. I want production as much as the next guy, but production at the sake of quality (CL types) will get me no where but a lost account. This is why I charge higher rates. You get what you pay for and the customer knows this. You simply need to market yourself that way and you will get whatever you want. Comments?
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