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The breaker setup with the plate would be ok if i was working with a trench or have jobs of more area.

The jobs i would be doing is like tamping around the posts for fence lines ,or around poles in a pole building .Getting the breaker at the angle you need to compact close to the post might me a problem,plus the size of breaker if you hit poles might do a lot of damage.Pipes are thick steel,not a problem there,just need to be able to get in close to the bottom of the pipe to start with because of the curve of the pipe.

Just thought for what i needed done the hand tamper would be more to the size jobs i do.

I also build ponds ,so goverment says the pipes have to be hand tamped.Using hedge posts to hand tamp is real manual labor.I have run hand breaker doing concrete breaking when younger.So compacking dirt is a breeze except when it is a 100 dergree plus!

The pipes are 6" to 24" and between 90 to 140 feet long.The dirt,clay has to be tamped in close to the bottom of the pipe so need a smaller foot to start with. After we get up over half way of the pipe we can just wheel or track roll it in along the pipe.

Like all goverment it is just enough to make them happy.As you can tell the area needed compacted is fairly small,just thought if i could get reasonable priced hand tamper it would work to keep the goverment happy!!!!!!!

I would be using my skid to bring in the backfill dirt on pipe job and the use the auger on skid to dig the holes for the pole buliding and fences.

Dragging the hoses wouldn't be to bad because if i was using my skid i would be working close to the area i'm compacting.
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