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Originally Posted by jpp
QUOTE=John Gamba]I hope you feel better
Thanks. But right now I am about whoop little puppy. It feels like I got kicked right in the back of my carharts. This bug should did take all my strength that is for sure. I took some more advil and now it will be off to sleep after I check other posts. It was a nasty day and I should not have gone out. Cold, windy 20-30 mph winds. snow flurries pretty much all day.

Now the force was great to use. Had no problems moved the leaves so fast I was totally amazed. These were dry leaves too. The other day we had wet ones and it did a good job on those too. So far no complaints and all of my yards except 1 are flat. I did the hill today and just had to be careful with it. I dropped it at the top and worked my way to the bottom. Sure did save time on that job.[/QUOTE]

I'm glad you like it
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