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I am going to have to hire a part time helper this year and my largest customer requires workmans comp. <br>I know that there is about 15% emploiers fed tax and 3.3 % unemploiment tax, thats 18.3%<br>over what I am going to pay him. Plus all the fed deposits and reports.<br>I recieved a bid yesterday from a persionel management company that will take care of doing my payrole checks, furnish my workmans comp. do all the reports and deposits for 21% over payrole. I dont think I could go wrong with them at all I cant even get W/C for that amount.<br>Has anyone else had any experience in this field with this kind of company?<br>All I have heard from the refrences they gave me is the highest praise, and one of these guys is a long time friend.<br>I was wondering what you guys think?<br>Heck, they can even set you up with benifits!
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