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Naturalawn,<br> Go for it! We use Paychex payroll services and it is worth every penny for the fees they charge. While we take care of our own workmans comp, the paperwork nightmares of the IRS, payroll taxes, etc. that they take care of lets you spend time doing what you want to do. They produce monthly reports for you as well as serving as documentation for audits and year end tax time. When workmens comp calls for a phone audit, we just fax them the quarterly reports from Paychex and it's all taken care of. Believe me, when you start getting f@#&loads of IRS paperwork in the mail, it's nice knowing you can throw them out because your payroll service has already mailed them in for you and has already paid the taxes on your behalf. Plus their payroll fees and services are 100 % tax deductable under professional services!!!!<p>Mike<br>
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