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No matter if you have the full view of your future yet or not, investing pays off. Definetly look into a Roth IRA and other mutual funds to make sure when your time does come, no matter what you decide you have your arse covered.

I would hate to spend my whole life building a business up and then have a son, nephew, grandson, etc not want to take it over FOR THE RIGHT REASON. I would love to hand the key over to a son someday, hopefully he wants to take the business to the next level. If thats his choice than I will step away and only get as close to the biz as he wants me to be.

Everyone needs to know when its time to quit. If you start saving now, you'll be able to know what age you can quit at, and hold yourself to that plan. Why work hard all your life just to die doing it, you have to sit back and enjoy some of that green you made all those years. If your not making or saving enough to do that, your doing something wrong!

Hope this helps!
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