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On No!

Hello Everybody:

I can't give advise & anybody that listens to anything that anybody says on the Internet is a FOOL!

First of all it is a Big NO NO to do Business with Family or Friends (Possibley Landscapers T00) because they will stick it to you real bad. A stranger in most cases would be scared to do this to you.

A lawyer will probably ask you why are you doing it & can you afford to do it, if you never get paid back. If you trust this guy enough to loan him the Money, he should Trust you enough to put up good Collateral in case he decides not to pay. If he will not put up Collateral, he must not plan on paying you back?

If he doesn't have Collateral why would you loan him money, do you have any clue to how many excuses is made daily why folks can't pay back money they owe to others? It's mind boggeling!

LOL, Sounds like Stones Legal Services (has a nice ring to it?), Collateral or you ain't got it & you wish you did because if you had it you would give it to him is your best bet?

Or you could come up with an excuse why you can't loan the money? Do you have any clue to how many excuses is made daily why folks can't loan others money? It's mind boggeling! LOL
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