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Well, here's what I can tell you about your goals -

I've worked in corp america and been on my own. With an MBA as your entrance, even if you aren't that bright you can likely get a decent job working for a big company. However, you will never be the sole determinant in your success. Corporate circumstances beyond your control may find you downsized, or you may have a boss that no matter what you do or say, he has it in for you.

But you are in control of your destiny as the prez of your biz. If you are successful, it's because of you. If you fail, it's because of you. There's a freedom in that you can't find in corp america. As for $$ potential with an MBA, sure, the current stats may say that you'll start at X, progress at Y rate, with a typical ending salary of Z at the end of your career. Notice those are all finite numbers. If you are really good at building a biz, there's no ceiling to the potential. But you could also wind up with nothing.

Safe route = MBA and job wearing suit and tie.

Courageous route = keep blazing your own trail and take your biz as far as you are capable.

And don't let Dad choose for you.
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