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New Mower purchase

Went to a "Field Day" type event today sponsored by a local dealer. We were given the opportunity to demo mowers from 3 different brands, Exmark, Wright, and Husqvarna.

Not too many people demoed the Husky. More were demoing the exmark than the Wrights. Anyway, at the same event last year, I walked (rode, actually) away with a 25 hp kawi powered 52 inch Wright Stander.

I needed a new mower due to growth and almost bought the exact same mower....that is until I demoed the new Wright ZTR mower. That thing is FAST FAST FAST. Good cut too. I bought the Demo with 3 hours on it. Same deck as the stander and the same engine too. High back seat with arm rests. Adjustable wheel base for when adding bagger. Got it for just a little bit more than the retail for a new stander.

Im going to see if I can break it in tomorrow....LOL
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