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Yes and when she did say all that crap I told her I thought that he was still full of crap! After two weeks he said he had to let my step-son go because of "cash flow" issues. Of course he came on here and said that my step-son was a dork and didn't know crap about lawn maintenance. Dan was told that John didn't have much experience and he said that he would train him the way he wanted. Wouldn't have to put up with re-training a guy with someone else's habbits. My wife had talked with him a couple of times and NEVER saw any of this equipment that he boasts of. He had ONE pick-up and ONE bobcat that was about it. I was looking into employment with him at one time also and was told to come to his "new" building at Hall Rd. and Heydenreich Rd. area. I infact talked to the guy who built the building and he said that Dan is the biggest he has ever seen. He never put a deposit down and the landlord was actually thinking of not even dealing with him because of all the LIES! Haven't seen or heard anything for a while but sure enough heard he was looking for snow subs and paying over $100 a hr. Also running his mouth about taking over all of Rizzo's accts. Of course we all know that Backer is Rizzo's new front! What these guys are doing with Commercial Snow quotes is pretty cheap!!! My partner and I are bidding on a couple of Commercials that these guys are and they are crazy in thinking they are going to survive with the prices they are quoting. Sorry guys just got my dander up a little!!!
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