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I have a marketing degree from 6 years ago and had planned to continue with an MBA. After doing the math (cost of class time) I dicided that I will get in with a company that will pick up the tab.
The problem is that the reimbersment programs are okay, but who has the time?
An MBA is great if you want to work for IBM, Microsoft, etc. It may open many more doors than a BA, but how would it apply in the Landscape business? It may give you more training on how to create a succesful business.
If you plan to stay in the landscape business, concentrate on how you business can compete and grow.
That's my plans. I have basic knowledge from college. Now it's time to sharpen my skills as a business owner.
I feel the only way to make the big bucks is, just like ANY business, is grow, hire employees who will pay you.
My CPA once told me: "When my payroll grows, my profits will follow".
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