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I have drip running to all of them each seedling gets 1 gallon two times a week. When I first planted them they all look good for a couple of months then they started to drop like flies. The only thing I can think of is that they did not get planted fast enough. They shipped them to me two weeks early and I was not ready to plant. So then I had to store them till I was ready, so I emptied my refrigerator and crammed 1000 seedlings in my refigerator! I had to keep the doors shut with duct tape! I don't know why they sent them early.The high desert is nothing like Lake Superior "thats the variety I planted" I wanted to plant a variety that was not common out here. There is a lot of people from the midwest and east cost that live out here so I know a have a strong market. Nobody grows Scotts out here.
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