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I was not saying trees can not be profitable, I am strongly considering starting a Christmas tree farm of my own

what I ment is that dry-landing them in a desert area, and that high loss rate for seedlings are a profit killer

since he now told us he does have irrigation then there is some other issue, perhaps as he said with planting time....but still that is a high loss rate and a profit eater

I can't believe you shear only 1 time a year.....that is a profit MAKER there.....the farms I have been on in East Texas they sheared 3 times a year on Virginia you use a Saje or hand shear.....I was taught to hand shear so that is what I will do in the future....I took a graduate level Christmas farm management class at Stephen F. Austin State U. in the forestry department....It was me and 1 other student and the Professor who had his own farm....he showed us EVERYTHING.....also right across the fence line was another farm he had started then the owner decided to "take over" looked like a crappy pulp wood was a real learning experience to see how weed control does matter for growth and a nice even lower skirt.....the class was 4 hours a day 4 days a week for half the summer....with 2 students i HAD to do my reading and homework or look like an unprepared moron the next day in was a great way to learn and from then on i have dreamed of a tree I believe I am very close to that chance

I am now in far West Texas thinking about Blue Spruce and Afgan Pines....but I have not worked with Blue Spruce and they are slower growing....BUT I would be the ONLY Blue Spruce Christmas tree grower in Texas so that would mean something....also there is not another tree farm for 250+ miles around me so the "choose and cut" is wide open as well

plus cheap land and a ton of sun

I hope your next planting goes better desert rose .....and I think you should talk to a local forestry agent to see what might have killed those trees....check water quality and maybe check for disease by digging a few up and looking at roots.....that is a high loss rate

post pics if you have them

one other thing.....when you plant make sure the roots are not pushed into the hole and then push back pointing up (J rooting).....this happens in vineyards when people have "planting parties" where friends and family (and some even PAY) come out and help plant a couple of acres by hand.....the "help" just pokes the vines in the hole and if you look all of the root tips are pointing up....the vines will grow for a month or 2 then die, because they out grew the roots and the roots are not growing much because they will not grow up

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