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A lot Top Business schools MBA Programs are almost exactly similar to thier BS Programs. You can find a school were the BS program is better than thier Masters. I had to take a couple Masters classes since I couldn't get schedualed for the undergrad. Where the professor was the same and the same material was covered. The only difference was that you were required to particapte a lot more.

If you are going to work for someone, a MBA is nice to have. But as an Entrepreneur, many kids(24-35) want to start thier own business, fear they don't have enough education, so they waste most of thier time in school like the MBA's writing great business plans that never matierialize because once they get out they are a bit older with more responsiblities, and lack the real business skills.(you may call it street sense). Don't get me wrong about education, I think it is very important in life. I am for continual education be it on the streets or in the classroom.

BA, BS and MBA programs are funded by Companies to train future employees the matierial nessary for entry level postions.
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