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answering phone calls

picked up a new customer late last week, to start this week. he phones mon. 3:00 PM wondering if we cut his lawn yet(yes, he called from home!). We didn't get the voice message til evening, figured i'd call him back tues. 10:58 PM mon nite, he calls the company cell phone. no message was left, he actually expected me to answer that late.

got me to thinking about my past weird calls. One lady called 8:00 AM sunday wanting me to come sign her to a contract. and this was in april, three weeks before the service was to start.

I know ours is an industry where business hours are considered outside the norm, but i thought these two were excessive. We'll answer after hours, but i do draw the line somewhere around 9:00.

anyone gotten some midnight hour calls? (business, not booty )
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