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i know to get around all this licensing problems with lack of experience or work time(the 2 years). What me and my dad came up with is he put the business in his name and licensed it. he dealt with the licensing but i run the whole deal and he cuts me a pay check everyweek and the rest goes into the business account. Then the money that is left in the account, if enough, is spent on a new truck, mower, etc. that way there is a less amount to tax you on. and if you do it this way say you net $15k the first year after paying yourself and you plan to net $17-20k the next year you bump up your weekly paycheck. this method really helps your business grow because you learn to live off the paycheck everyweek and then your expenses are kept to a level where your not killing yourself everyweek to pay your insurance,rent(mortgage), and everyone needs to eat...Thats how we do it, i don't know if that helps you any just thought i'd let you know. I think part of the problem is that VA may be looking at you as an inexperienced 17 year old kid. If your father who is older went into get licensed it wold go easier...if that makes any sense...haha...good luck with everything you do in the future.

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