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I guess I am going to agree with the mechanic here. I used to be the largest Walker dealer in Denver. They always came in packed with crap in the cooling fins. I also agree it is best to pull the engine routinely to clean it out. Doing this will reduce the heating wear on the machine. I have seen some get so hot that the whole machine caught on fire. I have also had the engines get so hot it warped cyliners and heads. If you look on the shroud of the engine on the new Kohlers (they didnt used to have this) they put a little cut out held on by a 5/16 screw. Take that off and blow them out weekly at least. I also feel Kohler does everone a disservice not to have all service manuals and tools available to the dealer when the engine comes out. I am not saying its not a good engine, it is. I had a fuel problem with one. Fuel pressure in the non efi unit is 1lb and on the efi unit 39lb. Huge difference. They dont even have testers available yet for half the stuff. They are also trying to make it harder for you guys to work on. At the Kentucky expo this year they were showing us this program you have to hook up the engine to and it will detect the problem for you, just like a car. I thought it was great, for the dealer. No more on site fixes. You will have to take it in unless its simple or obvious of course. I would also agree with les as it is a high maintence machine. Have extra belts handy. Hope this helps. I can tell you good and bad stories on Kubota's if you would like. We are the dealer that checks out and test all prototype equipment and I have seen just about everything with them. I would listen to Les other than he doesnt know that it is a high production machine. It might not be as fast as some but does get jobs done faster (catching only). Good Luck!
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