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I usually didnt. When I did it wasnt a Kubota problem. I had several vapor lock a few years ago. Walker hadnt vented the fuel tank enough with all the heat. We actually had to rerout the fuel line on every Kubota gas we sold. Walker is extremely slow on reacting to new problems. We actually made the first few repair kits. Its like they have this idea that they cant screw up. Or if its a engine problem, they pass the buck and dont put pressure on the engine manufacture and in the case above they were the ones.that need to react. Its like a ma and pop manufacturing plant. Dont get me wrong its a large plant, but run ma and pa like. Bob Walker is a good 'ole boy and dont expect anything to change. They actually came up with an awesome idea that we were testing the prototype on and it never came to be. They were going to build walkbehind (hydro) mowers. That you could exchange decks on from the sit down machines. This means you would have a very versitile walkbehind mower. That idea would have been awesome. It had a few kinks. It was extremely sensitive. They just scratched the idea.
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