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SLS: Contact your county AG dept for more information. Most states have similar regulation re pesticides and who can sit for the test as all state programs recieve oversite from the EPA.

Tennessee and Maryland are equal for the minimum requirements to take the test. However, in Maryland, the Maryland Dept of Agriculture has an agreement with several state universities to prepare students to take the test for those without prior pesticide knowledge or a 4-year degree.

For example, in Maryland, you can take Pesticide Use and Safety course. Then you take one course or all courses in the following subspecialty for licensure: 1. Turf Grass Management,
2. Ornimentals, or 3. Nursery Stock.

In my case, I took Pestice Use and Safety and Turf Grass Management. Once I pass the test I can spray/treat turf grasses. If I want to treat Ornimentals, I take the course and then apply to take the ornimental test and so on.
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