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Hello,<br>I don't mow right aways for the state but we have to maintain many drainage swells here along the shoulder of the runways/taxiways. Its kind of a unique situation, In that it really only needs to be done twice a year, once in the spring, once in the fall, or even once, as I see alot of guys do, once in the fall.<p>Equipment is somewhat speialized. We just purchased a flair arm mower for our tractor to replace our old model. We are right now awaiting the arrival of a bomford b81-81 arm mower, a 26 foot reach model with a 3 ft head. that important? lol---42,000 (oh, not the mention the 70k tractor needed to run the thing). Ouch...We had a 14 footer but it just didn't do anything for us. It only had about 300 hrs on it and traded in for 8k. A real deal for someone.. <p>From what i heard, and from my own experiences, flail mowers are the way to go... You never know what may be hiding out there in that tall grass, so the flails are the best for riding over it without taking too much of a beating. <p>If you are looking for this equipment, have fun. The arm mower market is a mess. It turns out that Alamo basically owns the market. They have a share in every manufacturer out there. Its a definite monopoly. If you try to shop for price, good luck, because they are all connected and just call each other up when shopping around. Especially with bomford. Alamo is not as bad though.<p>Don't know if this is any help, but figured I'd share what I know with you. If I were pricing it out, I would go with a hourly charge, figuring out the cost of equip. and operator per hour. If its for the state, Don't be shy to price a little higher....<p>steveair<p>
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