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Need your advise - help please

Please forgive my double post but I did know where to ask.

I work (Sr. Systems Analyst) for a hospital here in Jax. Its a good job(pays $53K)that I like but not love. I also have a part-time lawn care business that I love. Over the last year I have built it into a 30- 40 customer business ($27-30K) in just my neighborhood of 225 homes. Long story shorter. A business man that I have worked out with in the gym for the last 2 years has approached me to take the business "big time". He wants to diversify his portfolio. He is an electrical & communication contractor with 57 employees running about 30-40 trucks all over Jax. He a very honest and genuine family man, that enjoys the lawn industry. He says that he does a lot of commercial work and has a lot of contacts. He will be putting up 100K - 150K of his own money to get started with a the truck, equipment and 3 member crew. He would like to have 3 to 5 crews running in 6 to 12 months. Lawn care in FL is almost year round. I would be the sales force and foreman until we can justify hiring one. This would be a 50-50 partnership.

While I love the lawn care business and enjoy selling and customer relations I don't want to give up $80k to make $40k. By the way my wife is 5 months pregnant and will be quitting work when the baby comes in Dec.

My questions are:
What is the likelyhood of making 80-100k.?
Would any of you do this?
Should I just keep doing what I'm doing?
What kind of gross sales do I need to generate?

Please give me your honest opinion because I have found that this site is the best place for good, honest answers.
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