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Hey hardy,<br>sounds like you have pretty much the same setup as us for a mower, but ours is a 20 foot deck. For times, I'll say this. If the grass is short, been mowed every two weeks, we travel around 10 mph with the deck. If it is tall, say 8 inches to 3 ft, speeds are drastically reduced, down to 1 to 3 mph. Now, we run in fields, so if you have to maneuver around trees, guard rail, signs, etc, I 'd imagine you have to slow it down a bit. Also, when it gets real tall, 1+ feet, you almost need to mow it twice, because the first pass leaves a lot of &quot;hairs&quot; sticking up. We try to cut at around 4 inches, but get away with a little more in some areas. Also, with 85 horse and only a 15 footer, you can probaly get those blades spinning stronger than we can. The 20 ft shulte we have is big and heavy and gets bogged down with our case 5130. You should probably have a little more power than we do, at least I would imagine. <p>I take it you will use the small mower around the signs, posts etc, to clean up around them. We do pretty much the same around our lights, but use 72' toro groundmasters with mulching decks (we can't have grass blowing onto runway_) They do a pretty good job, so you should have good luck using your small mower.<p>I don't know much about it, but is insurance a issue. Those big decks can shoot some hefty material out, so I'd be worried about hitting any thing driving by, cars, or store windows and stuff like that. Once in while, we here stuff bouce off airplanes (well, not airplanes but more like 30 million dollar jets) parked on the ramp 100 ft away.. Never did any damage, but it definitely gets you on your toes. <p>Hope to have been of some help,<br>steveair
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