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Hi Kent
I like the overall apppearance but there are a few things that strike me. the first thing that comes to mind - the photos all appear to be stock photos. Are they, or are most of them pictures of actual installs you have done? Ideally you want to show your work not just general photos.

second, there needs to be some proof reading. for example 'Working from a high quality design insures that we can you exactly what you want in your landscape with the best quality possible' there is a word missing here, perhaps 'give' between can & you.

Third, it's not exactly easy to read the small text with the logo in the background. They say you have about 30 seconds to capture the attention of someone searching the web.

also, i noticed several places where you said things like 'From soils to plant material, we are familiar with our products' etc. I would choose words that inspire more confidence like 'From soils to plant material, our knowledge is extensive'

I tried to look at the site as a consumer & these are the things that jumped out at me.
best of luck
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