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OH BOY!!! Where do I start?
Everything is all out of line with items on top of items etc. and mainly EVERY item on your navigation bar on the side triggers an ad block! Plus all the "shadow" or "watermark" background stuff is all messed up (like the white background of the leaf is a square white box covering up the watermark background in that area, looks "funny" to say the least and the "gallery" is a gray box that does nothing on the home page.

Download Firefox 2.0 (the browser about 1/4 of Internet users now use...everybody I know but one poor soul) and look at it. You'll see what I mean. Obviously this site is designed only for Internet Explorer because it looks OK there (it's all small and in the left top 1/3 of my 20" screen but you might be able to live with that)

I imagine after looking in IE that "whatever" is in however he coded all the embedded Flash" animations for the buttons (why use flash for buttons?) he is using to put the little white boxes around your links "on mouse over" and is tripping the ad blockers in Firefox and probably will in IE7 since it is supposed to have pop up and ad blockers too (but I downloaded IE7 and immediately un-installed it the next day...sheesh what a buggy mess, so I can't check it in that right now)

To a search engine your site looks just like below:
Kent Landscaping
Since 1998 Kent, inc. has been serving residential and commercial customers with year round
seasonal services. Our commitments to design, installation, affordability and customer service has
established us one of the finest landscaping and full service maintenance companies in Michigan.
Plant Material
Professional Tips
Seasonal Information
Macomb, north Oakland, Lapeer, St. Clair & Sanilac counties

That's all. That may suit you but won't be great for SEO.

Anyhow Firefox has ~25% of the browser market nowadays, some other people (~10%) use Opera ("leaner" and another great alternative to Microsoft and with great mail features but not as "cool" as Firefox for "surfing"), and others use things like AOL browsers, Netscape etc.
I noticed in the code he put some type special instructions for Netscape browsers (probably to prevent such display errors) so he must be aware of potential issues with whatever he did for Netscape users but may not realize all the BIG problems with other browsers.
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