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Originally Posted by RedWolf
That last time i was hunting was about four years ago.Me and a good friend of mine where going for two big buck.I eat the meat and he uses the skins to make wallets and the hoofs for ash trays.Nothing gets wasted. Well as we make are way threw the woods we find a pack of wolves dead. we both got sick. Well we thought lets keep going. About 50 feet or so we find A mother wolf and her pups dead. the mother was shot and by the looks of the pups they had been beaten then burned alive.I just threw up.I just couldnt stand what I saw.Well these guys start coming after us shooting. Me and my buddy ran like hell him in front of me as i fired back with my 357 revolver at these guys.We made it to my truck and hauled ass and dam near took out a us foresty truck.I stoped and we told the guy what happen.Seems they have a problem with someone killing the wolves out there. We told him what we saw and what the guys looked like and got the hell outa there. After that day after seeing them pups I just couldnt go back and hunt again. I wish I could burn them motherfu**ers alive.To do that to a mother wolf and her pups just make me sick.
So did the police do anything about it?
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