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Yes but at least they took the time to optimize things for load-times...

I was surprised to note the flash buttons take up 1k each, the images are a bit heavy but nothing like what I was expecting.
Still over 100k all in all, it would never load on a 56k, but I've seen pages where each image is that big.

The code, although not 100% up to par, looks neat at first glance and is easy to read.
And it's not FULL of errors, thou the below check makes it look this way, all the errors are related to 2-3 issues, so it's not outrageously terrible. It's just one or two things that throw the whole thing off...
The programmer could, however, at least fix those bs errors... What I mean:

The first set of errors appears to be an incorrect command being used or the level of html is inappropriate, however you want to look at it... I find this tolerable, depending how much you paid, still not pro but it's also not uncommon.

But omitting the alt-tag for images? No, that I can't accept, to me that's just real basic stuff.
Anyway, all those ALT errors are just that, he simply forgot the alt-tag (numerous times, but).
Then, the first set of errors are all related to line 40... One simple problem line.

As for SEO, one can mention this but technically speaking it's not always part of the deal and it doesn't have to be.
Granted, it would be nice and it ought to be common sense to do it, but site design and engine optimizing still are two different jobs for most of these folks out there.
And so...

Anyway, it looks pretty good thou, all in all.

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