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Greensummer, hopefully your horticultural experience is greater than your educational experience. As a new business owner I would have thought that you could use some help on establishing a niche that few others were in. The overcrowded spray industry does not need another Bozo who thinks he has all the answers.

We are all in this forum to learn. You seem to have all the aanswers so lets hear them. You must be netting much more than the rest of us if you don't need to investigate new hort practices. By the way, as a sprayer were you at any of the REQUIRED pesticide symposiums this past spring? How long have you had your spray licence ? Do you practice proper hort procedures or do you just SPRAY? Do you sign contracts in the spring that say you will spray for grubs and chinch bugs before we know if those pests will be a problem? How do you know what pests we will have months down the road? What chemicals do you spray? Do you use the LEAST harmful chemical or the one that generates the highest profit? How responsible are YOU?
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