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For operators that run Grasshopper mowers. There is a newly designed baffle system and blades for side discharge that you will want to install on your decks. The 2000 models come standard with these, but you can install them on your existing mowers (just a straight bolt on affair). The combination of the new blades and baffles produces an even better cut plus wet grass won't build up under your deck. The way the baffles are designed the grass has no choice but to go out the side discharge no matter how wet it is. I mowed for a couple of weeks with them installed on my deck with no build up to speak of. Used to when I would mow wet fescue and ryegrass the deck would wind up weighing a ton from the grass building up underneath it. That's a thing of the past now, and needless to say I'm tickled to death.<p>----------<br>Doc Shank<p>
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