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John Dimartino et al:

You may recall from some of my posts back in March that I bought a golf course and the chems were way behind from the last 2 years. I valued the advice of my chems distributor and did not go with any preventer such as Dimension in the Spring. I now have crab in some of my greens but I could live with it if I had to. After reading the label I am very leary. I spot sprayed with a backpack sprayer and was succesful in killing the crab but it was very hard on the Bent. But of course, now I have more crab. After rereading the label I found it to be confusing and inconsistant. I definitely mixed it too strong but my application was light.

My salesman has built and grown in numerous golf courses and I trust his opinion and I believe the experience I had in spot spraying has brought me to some wisdom on fine tuning this particular chemical. I am also aware of the Iron mixture with Acclaim to combat discoloring. But.....I really don't want to take the risk of a postemergant on putting greens in the heat of the summer.
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