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Jeff, we use a Howard 727 with 45 HP Diesel, extra wide drive tires, 72" mulching deck. Mostly cutting Kiku Grass. Has about 1900 hrs. Have had problems with; Deck starting to get thin, Air seat scissors break 4 so far, Time delay switch for safety interlock goes bad used 3 so far, Had to replace bushings in drive line (this was a real Tuff Job), bushings front deck casters wear out fast, Spring on clutch lever breaks frequently, Misc bolts break and some welds break, muffler mount weld cracked, grease fittings on rear wheel suspension break off and are pressed in so dificult to repair, bearings, deck replaced two switched over to synthetic grease havn't had to replace any since then. uses about 1.2 gals fuel per hour, does a great job of mulching in all conditions. (if you have ever cut Kiku you will know what I mean.) For the mulching to work correctly have to use Howards wave blades, I have not found a replacement for these. The last price we paid for these $35.00 each. and hard to sharpen. Average operating costs to date including depreciation $18.90 per hour. Jeff even with the above this mower replaced a Hustler 400. and has cut my mowing costs in half. a lot of it from not having to catch. but also the hustler 400 had many more break downs. Any thing else you would like to know? Darrell PLM
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