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Jeff,I have a 727-104&quot; cut.I bought it from a golf course to mow just my lawn,8 acres.It is a 1988 and has the 40hp 4 cyl Yanmar diesel.It has a 60&quot;outfront,and 2 batwing 24&quot; decks on both sides.It is always broken down,I spent twice what darrell has an hour.The parts are super expensive,and hard to get.Problems include drop box rebuilt twice,radiator cracked,front wheel bearings went out and hydro oil leaks all over the place.brake shoes glaze and E-brake wont hold(new shoes 149bucks),still wont hold,new cables and backers,still wont hold.Deck bearings wear quickly,injection pump has an oil leak from throttle shaft(I havent fixed it yet,but will before season)deck is thin and cracking all over.deck casters are 120 a piece and they made them oddball so you cant go aftermarket.PTO saft bearings burn up fast and are a pain to change.I am tired of working on this thing,If I can get one mowing in without a breakdown it's a big deal.I run a gof course and never had anything break this much in 10 years.I figure it cost $100 everytime I mow,not including labor.Anything this big is 30,000 new,so I will buy a little 72 ZTR,probably a chopper,but it will take forever to mow it.<p>----------<br>John D<br>
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