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Jeff,cut your losses and sell it now!this is the time to sell,it is not worth the time it will take to keep it running.Mine is gone soon,it'll go cheap too.I have spent more in parts in 1 year than this thing is worth,not to mention labor and downtime.Buy anything else,you'll be glad you did.BTW,these things scalp aweful on the slightest humps and knolls unless you cut at 3 1/2 &quot; or higher(I dont).A new set of blades(5) set me back 189.00 from dealer and they aren't availible aftermarket.A spindle is 85 bucks,bare.The main belt is 100 bucks and slips in tall grass,no matter how tight it is,to tight then it wont disengage.This whole machine is a joke,the only thing good on it is the Yanmar diesel,its bulletproof and starts instantly even at 0 degrees,with no glow plugs.The whole electrical system is junk.All safetys have broke so many times I bypassed them all with a new harness(It is just for my lawn).The shame is that it flys and will cut my lawn in about 1 1/2 hrs.Now if I could get it to run that long without a failure,Id be OK.<p>----------<br>John D<br>
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