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Right now it's 95 degrees plus in Southern Ohio almost every day. Our greens are built with pure masonry sand and nothing else in the root zone. Hard rains flush nutrients like a toilet and they dry out very quickly afterwards in the baking sun. I have used a wetting agent on the problem areas and I spoon feed through the summer with liguid TurfIron and a liquid foliar fert called Gary's Green. No granular fert as to feed any pythium.

Right now my greens are GREEN and appear to be healthy. I had a severe case of brown patch which resisted 2 apps of fungicide. On the 3rd app I used Prostar which has arrested the problem.

After batting all of that, I don't want the turf stress or the mental stress of a post-m. Unless I do it with an Eye dropper. I have time to get down on my hands and knees.
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