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Help From the Pro's.

I'm not in the profession of lawn care, but i feel like it some times.
We dont have a Large yard, but what we do have we like to
keep up and make look good. We have a water pond, with
water fall, and fountian, with a area around it of about a 6' x 10' square section with flowers of all kinds planted. We also, have around 5 pots in a half circle with flowers planted in them, which are growing great, plus the Patio Table, umbrella and chairs, and
a three seat swing, with canopy, bird bath, and a few bird feeders.
Our lawn is ok, but not what i want it to be. I use a push mower
with a bagger, to pick up most the clippings, then i rake the yard
if needed, to help get oxygen to the grass. (read it some where, i cant say i realy know if it works or not.)
The grass is ok, but not as green as i would like it.
What would you guys suggest to help make it a deeper green?
I've tryed a few of the off the shelf fertalisers, (spray type)
while they do seem to help, i'm afraid to use them to much.
I've read that i think. ... Lime will help green it up..
any help would be appriceated, i dont realy want to spend tons on it now since the season is about over, especaly for us in montana, winter sets in early. But i'd like to know what to use
to make it green up a bit this year, and get it ready for
next summer.
P.S. we water twice a day, once in the afternoon for around 1 hour , and in the evening for around 2 hours. (pumped from the river which is at the end of our property.
Thanks for any advice in advance
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