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Thanks guys,
I will have to do some checking and see where i can get it
tested. I will probably get it tested some time this year, but
wait until next spring to realy get serious, since fall/winter is
so close.
I used the spray only twice so far this year, i was a bit afraid
of over doing it. I think if i remember right it was Scotts
"Green Up" It said to use every two weeks, but i was not
that brave.
I used a side discharge most of the spring and half of the
summer with no bagger until it decied to quit on me. But i knew
it was going to sooner or later, just wanted to pospone it till
fall, but didnt make it.
I'll cut back on the frequency watering and see if there is any diffrence.
As for the type of grass, i realy dont have any idea, if i had to
guess i would say mostly Fescue (?Spelling?). It was here when
we moved in. Although it was in much worse shape than now.
Many bare spots and brown spots. We have brought it a long
way so far.
I resceeded it in the spring with Kentucky Blue Grass, but
it was mainly to thicken it up and cover the bear and dead
areas. I'm not to up on sceed, which type is best, etc. I
just read the back of the bags for temps and survival in winter.
Although most grass is prity tough to kill if it gets water.
Thank you again for the help and suggestions.
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