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Originally Posted by Liquidfast
Not selling his equipment? RED FLAG. If he is not committing to his new biz venture, he surely isnt committed to quitting the lawn biz for good. Sounds to me like a bunch of new customers will be popping up next season....a few thousand hand delivered fliers would be alot cheaper than buying customers and hoping they stay around.

The guy said he was willing to sign a non compete. He approached me too but I'm just not ready annnnnd from the figures he gave me he is grossly underpriced. I already know some of his clients and will be doing a flyer campaign next spring. Not targeting his clients. Just the areas. I have a full time third shift job that I'm trying to leave but as Cooper said, the area is a bit saturated with lowballers. Cooper isn't one and I hope I'm not. Cooper does have better equipment than I do, for now but........ well, he seems like a good guy but I think he IS one of the competitors who prices right and does good work. So he is one for me to watch and learn from. I think Cooper left from the same place I work so he knows why I want out.
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