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Millenium Ultra question

This ones for all you guys using Millenium Ultra. I have been using it this season on broadleaf weeds, I'm new to apps so please help. (yes I do have a liscense)
I have been useing it at half rate .55 oz per 1000 sq ft. I'm calibrated for 3 gallons per 1000 sq ft. I'm conserned at my kill rate on alot of weeds, it takes quite a while. The reason for the half rate is that I read on the lable that you are'nt supossed to overlap your swaths. So if I do happen to overlap I'm stell only at the full rate. To help with the problem I just started to use HOOK adjuvant. But I've only sprayed using it once so far. I can't spary right now TOO HOT!!!
My question is this, do you think I should just try a higher rate, or should the adjuvant be the key to my sucess. and have you guys found a particulare rate better than another. By the way I spray up here in Maine on blue,rye,and fescue. Thanks for the imput.
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