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You attitude is getting to be a little much with your recent posts complaining about lawnsite. Yes I relocated this thread to the proper forum, and removed the duplicate thread. I am not ignoring this thread, my little girl asked me to play a game with her "guess who", and that's what i was doing. I respond to threads when I have extra time.

What restrictions? You can't post illegal activities, bad language is not appreicated, and you may not post about other green industry webpages. What's wrong with that? if you are paying for an ad in the newspaper advertising your lawn company, do you also include all the other LCO's in your area and give them a mention in your ad that you are paying for? Do you expect Lawnsite to do the same, give free adveritising to every other lawn forum, lawn webpage, lawn blog that is out there?

Nonsponsors of this site can be mentioned especially when a member has had a good experience with a company. But a member that is trying to plug a non sponsor because he is personally affliated with that company is not allowed. That would be just downright bias then at that point, how exactly would that be helpful to a member?? We are looking for UNbiased opinions.

Lawnsite is free for all that would like to participate.
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