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Yes, I agree, a new truck looks nice...
But sitting down in those nice cloth seats all covered in dirt and sweat, and putting your grass covered shoes on that nice clean carpet...
And when the fancy stuff breaks, it costs a lot or you do without, which on an older (or more basic) truck you don't have that crap.
I mean, do you know how to recharge 134A refrigerant?
I do, but it still costs money, I just spent $100 on 134A (just the freon, you still need gauges and hoses)...

Now my '86 D-250 didn't have carpet, see?
And you could clean the interior with a hose and soap and water, then let it air out for a day in the heat.
Well it didn't matter, it didn't have all those fancy electronics, nothing could or would fry.
That was my 2nd truck, lasted me 4 years, I paid $1,400 cash for it, and other than the usual maintenance, cost me around $500 / year in sudden expenses (like broken fuel pump type of crap). Cauz when a truck breaks down, you usually got the trailer hooked (think about the implications here).

And I only had the bare minimum liability insurance on it.

All that saved me money, which not to break anyone's bubble, but I can't afford anything newer than a '95 myself.
Which i just bought one (yes yes, pics later), paid $2500 for it, paid for it cash.
Had to save for it, and I looked for about a year, just kept looking and looking, must've passed up 100's of other trucks.
It's not that special, it's in fair shape, but the price and the truck was right.
And once again, minimum liability insurance and no payments.
The ONLY thing that has payments is the Z because I got 0% Apr, but I had the money at the time, could've paid for it.
At least for me, that's the way to do it.

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