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Originally Posted by LawnTamer View Post
Just a few things-

2. If you are putting 70 gallons/week into your diesel- then you will have some serious routing problems. That's about 1,000 miles/week, which translates to about 25 hrs of windshield time. 1 thing that I learn more and more;

3. Just get what you actually need. If your props aren't that big, then a 36" WB will get you started. For bigger props a 52" WB is a decent start.

Good luck- we're not trying to be rude, but it's a lot better to have someone tell you these things, than to learn them the hard way as most of us did.
Be rude its ok, I need input. Yea excessive in the fuel section. I don't need a diesel truck (i thought about it it was 100% want and 0% need) I'll get a new fuel cost tonight. I have more 3/4-1+ acre lots right now. I realistically need a 61" deck for them. I'm advertising to the 1/2 or less acre lot developments
in the area so that I can line up 15 people in one development and zip through them. For that a 52" deck on my walker would shine.
Talk to you people later tonight with new #s.
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