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Gonna break world record

First let me say that I am not in the lawn or landscape business, although I will probably be riding a lawnmower more than anyone here over the next year. You see I am going out to break the Guinness world record for the longest lawnmower ride (Currently 14,594.5 miles). My goal is to go 30,000 miles over the period of 1 year, and I am also raising funds for "The Children's Miracle Network" and "The Shriner's Children's Hospitals" It is my hope that I will meet some of you along the way as my website has a area about all the good people I meet along the way. Also would like any and all feedback and advice that I can get from people who operate lawnmowers on a daily basis. To any of you that would like to visit my website it is I will be starting out in Augusta, Maine on March 12th and traveling all 48 continental states along with short excursions into both Mexico and Canada. Not much else I can say but let but let the ride begin!!!!!!!!!!

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