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Originally Posted by Soupy View Post
How fast does this mower you have travel? Is it modified for more speed?
No, it hasn't been modified, other than different tires, top speed about 18mph.
Originally Posted by Williams LC
I would also get some extra front rims and tires for it. At full speed the front tires like to wobble alot on the mid mount ZRTs. How about a pit stop at Orange County CHOPPER on your way through NY. The did build a bike for Dixie chopper. You could get the discovery (TLC now) to film some of the ride or atleast your apearence at OCC.
SOUPY- that mower does have flex forks.
Dixie Chopper is providing all the maintenance including tires. And yes I hope to make a pit stop at OCC although not sure about television.
Originally Posted by Williams LC
Do you have the cash to support your dream? Or is it all donations
No I don't have the cash, definitely not rich. Corporate Sponsors will be providing for needs.
Originally Posted by RedMax Man
You may want to get some head and tail lights for that Dixie.
Dixie is already putting them on for me, also will have yellow strobes so I don't get run over. Now I must say sure do appreciate all the input you guys are giving, like I never thought of a suspension seat and all the other great comments you've given, thanks Travlndude----
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