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Originally Posted by Accu-cut Lawn Care View Post
Guys, I hate to say it; but this hack is crazy. I'll bet dix to dollars that he's never even sat on a ztr before. He's a pizza boy for goodness sakes. Do you know how much gas money alone it would take to do what he is pipe dreaming to do...Lets not forget about hotel,maint, and food expenses, too. It would cost upwards of 200,000 to make a voyage like this. Don't pay him anymore attention- IT's just a waste of time.
Yeah I gotta agree, I am crazy, but at least its my crazy dream As for pizza boy, been many things including owning a trucking company, and a taxi service, also operated all kinds of equipment including a ztr, yeah I deliver pizza's at the moment but in 63 days I will be following my dream. I hope you will follow your dream whatever it might be! As for costs, will not go into my finances, but rest assured this ride will not only happen, but it will raise a considerable amount for two very worthwhile charities. I truly hope that as I travel across this fine country of ours I will meet you so I can shake your hand. For as they say in Missouri "Show Me", and when I shake your hand you will be shown. Thank you for being a skeptic as I need those also.

Thanks Travlndude----
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