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Look for why your problems with PayPal, they are by far the cheapest and easiest thing to use (I use them for hosting/domain/site work transactions every month and have for years with never a glitch & some eBay & other stuff too).
Of course we also take Credit Cards too but REMEMBER while you may never have a problem or get caught you must have an electronic payment portal, a secure site, a dedicated IP address, AND a merchant bank to legally take credit cards on-line. Add all that up and you have a LOT higher cost than Pay Pal and no electronic checks or AmEx or Discover.
Then, if your customer's on line data or your site is ever compromised in any way (just possibly, even if they didn't get the card numbers but hacked a page on your site...still "compromised") all the responsibility for reporting the scope of the breach, all the card numbers possibly compromised, etc. is up to YOU and you have 2 days!
Other than that sites like Click2Pay etc. are all like little "PayPal's"

PayPal starting to sound better for small business yet?
I have no reason to "push" PayPal on anybody but the problems you are having are not normal, transactions should process there as fast or faster than a credit card processor. Something is causing you in particular problems. I'd suggest you look for the possible causes of your personal problems before blaming the largest on-line payment processor in the world.

You can also (get by) taking credit cards with a regular account like somebody in a walk in "store" but you need to do that by having customers provide you all their credit card info and manually entering it each time there is a charge and most people don't want their data on paper in your desk or filing cabinet on in a file on your computer.

If you do go full on-line I recommend CDG Commerce. They are one of the largest & very reputable.
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