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Originally Posted by Mowerboy04 View Post
will you be coming through the detroit area? and if so do you know about when?
Yeah, I will be coming through Detroit, it will probably be the early part of April although at this point in time I couldn't give you a accurate date. I will be headed towards northern Michigan, as I want to stop for a night in my home town.
Originally Posted by zedosix's Avatar
I'm thinking those gas tanks are really just beer kegs, and you are one thirsty guy. Ya on your way around the continent could you just stop by my place and cut my lawn, I'll refill one of those tanks for ya.
Now what would you be refilling it with? Beer or Propane. Depending on which I might take you up on that offer. lol
Originally Posted by Accu-cut Lawn Care
The only way he'll be coming through your area is if you have a residence in LALA LAND! There is no way that some average person would have the funds or funding to make a trip like this.
As I said before when I come through Chattanooga I want to shake your hand and prove Chattanooga isn't in Tennessee, but actually in Missouri the show me state. lol Besides I heard Chattanooga was right next to LALA land. Sceptics, ya gotta luv em.
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